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Sonny Ríos introduces a student during a SRVS concert. (Click photo to view full-size.)

Sonny Ríos is the voice teacher of The Sonny Ríos Voice Studio located at The Professional Building, 550 N. Main Street, Suite 204, Duncanville, TX 75116, Telephone:  214.394.8511.

     Sonny Rios is a graduate of The University of North Texas, where he studied with the renowned Metropolitan Opera tenor, Eugene Conley, and the renowned interpreter of comic opera, Edward Baird.
    Ríos has traveled extensively as a sacred and classical concert artist with World Concerts, Ríos's own organization. Ríos has sung across the USA, including Alaska and Puerto Rico, Canada, and at least twenty-five countries in Europe and Central- and South America.
    Ríos's expertise in teaching vocal production is constantly being sought by recording studios and talent agents seeking vocal help for their clients.  Thus, we find students coming from all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, the state of Texas, and surrounding states, and as far away as New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Colorado Springs, and the likes, to study with Mr. Ríos.
    Ríos has also served on the panel of judges for vocal competitions and talent searches sponsored by radio stations, such as KISS-FM, La Voz Kids (sponsored by The Voice), and schools, such as Booker T. Washington Arts Magnate; and for the past five years has been a judge for The Miss Teen Dallas/Fort Worth pageant. Sonny also serves as a judge for The Dallas Summer Musicals High School Musical Theater Awards, where over 88 high schools across Texas and Oklahoma participate.

THE METHOD TAUGHT: The method taught is the one from the "Scuola di Belcanto," also spelled "bel canto" (School of Beautiful Singing) from Italy. This is a method that emphasizes a natural way of singing rather than a fabricated, unnatural one. Through proper vowel modification, correct tone impingement on the palate--according to the vowel and pitch being sung--coupled with proper breath support, the student's natural voice should eventually acquire a beauty of its own. This will come sooner with some students than with others. But with time all students will experience a change in the voice for the better.

A WORD OF CAUTION! You must be extremely cautious when selecting a vocal instructor. The voice is a delicate instrument that merits proper care; therefore, your choice of teacher should be done wisely, not just because that one charges less. Many have been the singers who were referred to Mr. Ríos who had almost met vocal disaster because of improper voice teaching received from someone who purported to be a voice teacher but who knew nothing of correct phonation.
     Teaching correct vocal production is a science! Thus the teacher must be well grounded in his/her line of work in order to see and hear and then correct and eliminate every problem singers face: e.g. incorrect position of the tongue and jaw, incorrect impingement of each vowel on the soft or hard palate (according to the pitch being sung), incorrect breathing, aspirated sounds, and etc.
     But, sadly, today, due to the popularity of television programs such as "American Idol," "America's Got Talent,"  "The Entertainer," "Star Search,"  "Nashville Star,"  "Cantando por Un Sueño," "La Academia,"  "The X-Factor," "The Voice," and etc., you find piano teachers, guitar players, choral directors, or any other kind of musician attempting to cash in on the business of voice teaching.
     But please be aware that just because someone may be able to sing--even very well--that does not qualify that one as a voice teacher. There are many factors that go into being a true voice teacher. This is where Sonny Ríos excels!

Bill Clinton, Sonny Ríos, Bobby Glover
At left you see former President Bill Clinton, while Arkansas Govenor, Sonny Ríos, and Arkansas state representative Bobby Glover, a dear friend of Sonny. Mr. Clinton had just proclaimed Sonny Ríos an "Arkansas Traveler," an honor bestowed upon those who have contributed in some manner to the state. Sonny has concertized from one end to the other of that fair state...thus, the award. (Did you notice that the hair color of each was much darker back then? Not to mention the fact that they looked much younger, too!)

"Music of The Night"
At left, you see The Phantom (Sonny Ríos) as he sings the haunting melody, "Music of The Night," to Christine (Amy Haynes), during a performance. (Please click on the photo for a full-size image.)

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The Sonny Ríos Voice Studio: The Professional Building, 550 N. Main, Suite #204, Duncanville, TX 75116, Telephone: 214.394.8511.