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Lessons' Rules

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1. All lessons will be held in accordance to the teacher's schedule.

2. Once a lesson-time has been set, it will remain as such, unless otherwise arranged by mutual consent.

3. Should a lesson require a time change, it must be done with both student's and teacher's consent.

4. All students will be required to be on time for their lesson(s) as scheduled.

5. Should a student be late for a lesson, the lesson will conclude on time and deemed completed as pertaining to the teacher's schedule.

6. The student must notify the teacher by phone at least 24 hours in advance if a lesson is to be postponed or canceled; otherwise the lesson is assumed as scheduled and payment is expected. There will be no exceptions. Do not email! Email is not checked on a daily basis! Please keep in mind that this is a business not a pastime!

7. Should a student fail to appear for a lesson, payment will still be required.

8. No lesson will be made up when a student fails to appear for a lesson without proper notification.

9. Students who miss more than twice in a month will only be given one make-up lesson on the designated Sunday (please see make up lesson sheet).

10. A student who habitually misses his/her lessons for whatever reason will be dropped from the teacher's schedule and full payment for that month's lessons fee will be expected.

11. Should the teacher cancel a lesson without proper notification to the student, the teacher will give a free lesson to the student whose lesson was canceled.

12. Payment for all monthly lessons will be made at the onset of the first lesson of every month.

13. It is the desire of this teacher to maintain the highest of standards as a professional; hence the student and his/her family is expected to act accordingly.



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