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Performance Rules

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These rules are necessary, especially if you are planning a musical career. Now is the time to begin to abide by these rules and to make them a part of you.

1. All performers are expected to be on time, no later than 30 minutes before performance time, and should be backstage no later than 15 minutes before performance time.

2. Should a performer need a mic-check, then that performer should be at the site at least one hour before performance time. There will be no mic-checks within 30 minutes of performance time.

3. Each performer must have his/her CD(s) ready for the sound engineer to play. These should be labeled appropriately: Performer's name, title of song, and CD track number. Please understand that because of the large number of participants, it will be impossible to wait for the sound engineer to search for a song on the CD--that would not be fair to the other performers.

4. Each performer will be responsible for his/her CDs or piano music before and after the performance.

5. Each performer is expected to stay until the conclusion of the program. This is part of the Musical Performance Ethics. No one will be allowed to perform if he/she cannot stay until the conclusion of the program. The only exceptions are the performers singing later at another performance on the same date.

6. Each performer's comportment should be at the professional level always!

7. When someone is performing, all other performers in the wings must listen attentively and then applaud at the appropriate time.

8. No performer is to be critical of another performer at any time. We at the SRVS encourage one another always rather than discourage. Any one found criticizing another performer will not be allowed to sing on the program. There will be no exceptions!

9. Please remain dressed in your performance attire until after the final bows have been taken.

10. Each performer will ensure that the theatre is left as found before the performance.

11. Each performer will pay a non-refundable $15.00 concert fee to help cover part of the site's rental and deposit fees, piano rental, as well as the sound engineer's fee. The concert fee should be paid no later than a week before the concert date.

12. When the curtain opens, go out and enjoy yourself, have fun, and do the job you know you can do!


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